For Pubs


Stand out from the traditional Pub Quizzes!

The Murder Mystery Quiz is perfect for Pubs and Bars. The new kind of quiz format will set you apart from the competition!

Unlike traditional quizzes knowing the answers will take your customers only halfway. They will also need logical thinking to solve the murder case. This quiz is definitely different from the crowd!



Arrange weekly or monthly Murder Mysteries

Your venue can arrange the quizzes as a single mysteries or as weekly or monthly events. Arranging an event is easy, all you need is a computer and a screen. 

With the continuing weekly events, you can also collect customer register and have a ranking-table that commits your customers to the quiz.  

We also provide full online training for the service and also training how to promote your Murder Mystery pub quizzes effectively. 




Get the full package

As a Pub quiz customer, you will receive full training and all of the promotion materials to make your events a success. You will have everything to arrange a great night for your customers. 

The promotional materials include videos, social media banners, printable posters, and more! These promotional materials will get your customer's attention and interest for sure!

We will also include tips on how to create a mysterious atmosphere in your events. Let's make your customers part of the dark story!



The benefits for your pub

Magclass2 icon.png  Stand out from normal pub Quizzes

Magclass2 icon.png  Get more customers and sales

Magclass2 icon.png  Use great promotional materials for marketing 

  Magclass2 icon.png  Get a new mystery quiz each week

 Magclass2 icon.png   Commit players with a ranking-table

 Magclass2 icon.png  Make extra sales with break offers on the screens



Are you ready to solve the case?